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Fox shares have jumped by close to a third over the past three months.

Ⅱ.承接第一段的“gone mad”从苏宁和恒大的实例,具体展开狂购国外优质运动员;


  Football fans will be concerned that the high price paid will mean higher costs to watch football。 Both businesses insist that they are cash-rich and can afford the new deals。 The Premier League will be celebrating - more cash from the broadcasters means more cash for Premier League football clubs and the stars they pay many millions of pounds to employ。

The Murdoch family was said to favour a deal with Disney because it would rather be paid in the entertainment giant's shares than Comcast stock.

Ⅳ.President Xi Jinping may be less inclined to call this mad.Oddly for someone with so much else to worry about, from reviving a slowing economy to fighting corruption, he has set much store by football.A year ago a committee charged withoverseeing10wide-ranging11economic and social reforms turned its attention to an area of great concern in the football-loving nation: itsdismal12performance in the game. The committee, headed by Mr Xi,endorsed13the Communist Party’s first ever plan for “football reforms” (with “Chinese characteristics”, naturally). These, it said, were aimed at ending the “backward” state of football in China and helping the country realise its “dream of sporting great-powerdom”. The plan says the number of football academies should increase tenfold to 50,000 by 2025. Itdecrees14that football be made compulsory at school.

ALTHOUGH they excel at gymnastics and table tennis, the sport many Chinese really want to win at is football. And yet, mired in match-fixing scandals and with little infrastructure to encourage schoolchildren, football has struggled. In November, though, Guangzhou Evergrande beat FC Seoul to become the first Chinese team to win the Asian Champions League. Could its success have a broader impact?

  significant presence占据重要地位

The Financial Times said talks about the price were continuing on Tuesday.

Ⅴ.Football is particularly important for Mr Xi. He has been a fan since childhood. For a while after he took over as China’s leader his office, or at least the room said to be such in official photographs, featured the above picture of him as vice-president kicking a ball in Ireland. Mr Xi’s reform plan says football can help boost patriotism and a “collective spirit”—attributes Mr Xi is keen toinculcate15in a societyfractured16by rapid economic change.

The team’s route to the top would be familiar to English fans. Evergrande, headed by Xu Jiayin, a billionaire member of the Communist Party, paid $15m for the club. In 2012, it hired Marcello Lippi, a World Cup-winning Italian coach, for $16m a year. The club also procured three South American stars and many Chinese national-team members. Rowan Simons, chairman of China ClubFootball, which promotes the game, says this is just the start of such big spending.


A deal with Disney could also face fewer US regulatory hurdles, although it is extremely unlikely to be waved through.

Big spending on foreign football players has a political aim, too

Evergrande’s model may not boost the sport at lower levels, however. Relatively few young people play organised football because of lack of facilities and encouragement. Parents prefer academic success to wasting time on sport.

  to employ雇用

It would also add to Disney's extensive film and television library, with movies such as Avatar and Deadpool, as well as small screen hits including The Simpsons and Modern Family.

• (公开)赞同,支持,认可:

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  媒体英语会带大家一起学习 BBC 撰稿人在报道世界大事时常用到的单词和短语。

As well as its film studio, Disney also owns the ESPN sports network and cable channels.

7.smash:to break sth, or to be broken, violently and noisily into many pieces• (哗啦一声)打碎,打破,破碎

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The assets being sold by Fox include its FX and National Geographic cable channels, 22 regional US sports networks and the company's stake in the Hulu streaming platform in the US.


Keepy uppy

  The high cost reveals how important live football has become for paid television。 In 2012 BT shocked the market by muscling into a sector which Sky had traditionally dominated。 They have retained that significant presence。 Sky does though still hold the bulk of the rights and will broadcast the majority of Premier League games when the new contract begins at the start of the 2016 season。 They will pay the equivalent of £1.4bn a year, which is more than 80% more than they paid in 2012。

Matthew Horsman, analyst at Mediatique, told Variety magazine that the CMA is likely to continue probing the deal. "They've done all the work. I'm pretty sure they're going to announce a decision," he said.

14.decree:Vto decide, judge or order sth officially• 裁定;判决;颁布

The recent visit of Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, brought some assistance. The English Premier League agreed to support a coaching programme that aims to reach more than 1.2m Chinese students by 2016. The initiatives are a good start, says Mr Simons, but a stricter line on match-fixing and more grassroots support will be needed before Chinese football can become world class.


The sale would include the 20th Century Fox film studio and the Sky and Star satellite broadcasters in the UK, Europe and Asia.

• (在广告中)宣传,吹嘘(某一产品)

The team, previously known as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, had been relegated to the second division because of match-fixing before it was acquired in 2010 by the Evergrande Real Estate Group. Since then, it has won the Super League, China’s equivalent of England’s Premier League, three times. On December 7th it narrowly failed to clinch the “treble”, beaten in the final of the Chinese FA Cup. A revolutionary slogan (“only socialism can save China”) has been reworked on the internet to celebrate the team’s success: “only real estate can save China”.


The deal is already under scrutiny by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is expected to publish its provisional findings in January.

12.dismal:(informal) not skilful or successful; of very low quality• 不熟练的;差劲的;不怎么样的//causing or showing sadness• 忧郁的;凄凉的;惨淡的;阴沉的=gloomy,miserable**


  英超以51.36亿英镑的天价敲定巨额电视直播权,售价超出上次合约的百分之七十一,再创历史新高。在10日结束的电视直播权拍卖会上,天空电视台付出42亿英镑购买了七个套餐中的五个,其竞争对手英国电信则付出9亿英镑购买了其余的两个。以下是BBC 记者 Kamal Ahmed 的报道:

老默多克和第三任老婆Jerry Hill




The Fox broadcast network, Fox News and Fox Sports would remain under the Murdochs' control.


Chinese football fans at last have something to cheer about


Disney was left as the front runner after Comcast, the NBC owner, dropped out of the race on Monday.

5.eponymous:[iˈpɔniməs]theeponymouscharacter of a book, play, film / movie, etc. is the six mentioned in the title• (与标题)同名的

Dec 14th 2013 | SHANGHAI | From the print edition

  The cost of televising some football matches is going up

Shares in Disney rose 0.5% in New York on Tuesday, valuing the company at $162bn, while 21st Century Fox added 1%, valuing it at $62.6bn.

»I wholeheartedly endorse his remarks.

Bend it like Evergrande

  Glossary 词汇表 

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Ⅲ.中国各大俱乐部消费净值(购买球员的花费减去卖出球员的收入)比欧洲五大联赛所有俱乐部在冬季休赛期的净支出总和还要多,也是为了印证第一段的“gone mad”;

  Camera on location at a football match

Talks were understood to have been held between the two companies in November but did not result in an agreement.

7.The drawback of working for a little-known team can be offset by a big pay-packet


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Mr Murdoch's decision to sell most of Fox has surprised many commentators given his desire to continually expand his media empire over the past five decades.

1=approve, advocate, authorize, back, champion, promote, ratify, recommend, support

  实习编辑:王雨欣 责任编辑:赵润琰

It is not clear whether Disney will continue with the takeover if it buys the 39% stake from 21st Century Fox as part of the wider transaction.



CNBC reported that Fox and Disney were on a "glide path" for an announcement on Thursday, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

Ⅲ.By the time China’s two-month-long winter transfer-period ends on February 26th, its top-division clubs will have spent a net amount of around $300m (the amount spent on buying players minus the amount received for selling them). That is more than the combined netoutlay8of all the clubs in Europe’s top fiveleagues9during the winter period. The net spending of clubs in the English Premier League was the second highest ($220m); those in China’s second division ranked third, at $55m.

  muscling into攻入

Also in question is what will happen to 21st Century Fox's bid to buy the 61% of Sky that it does not already own.

  1. to write your name on the back of a cheque so that it can be paid into a bank account




  predicting 预言

Negotiations then restarted earlier this month.


  In terms of the division between Sky and BT for live football on television, the announcement was not much of a surprise。 The split - Sky, 126 matches over three years, BT 42 - is similar to the present deal。 In terms of the money paid though, it is a shock。 Most analysts were predicting a price for buying the rights of £4bn compared to £3bn in 2012, the last time the rights were bid for。 Richard Skudamore, the Premier League‘s Chief Executive revealed it was going to be a lot higher this time。

Walt Disney is close to confirming a deal to buy 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets for about $60bn, reports say.

From the print edition: China

3.jaw-dropping:very surprising or shocking令人惊愕的(极度令人惊讶或震惊)


4.语块:go mad:to become mentally ill发疯,失常

1.Patriotic:[ˌpeitriˈɔtik; ˌpæt-]having or expressing a great love of your country• 爱国的

»Members of all parties endorsed a ban on land mines.

»You risk having your licence endorsed.

8.outlay:~ (on sth)the money that you have to spend in order to start a new project• (启动新项目的)开支,费用

4.be inclined to:倾向与做某事

2=order, command, demand, ordain, prescribe, proclaim, pronounce, rule

2.Sputter:If a process, action, or state of affairssputters, it progresses slowly and unevenly or starts to end. (过程、行动或事态)缓慢不稳地进行,慢慢结束

18.语块snap up:to buy something immediately, especially because it is very cheap抢购,赶紧买下(便宜或心仪之物)

3.smash the record:打破记录 其中smash(哗啦一声)打碎,打破





21.bestow:[biˈstəu]~ sth (on / upon sb)(formal) to give sth to sb, especially to show how much they are respected• 给予;授予;献给


10.oversee:to watch sb / sth and make sure that a job or an activity is done correctly• 监督;监视

Feb 27th 2016 | From the print edition

15.inculcate:~ sth (in / into sb)|~ sb with sth(formal) to cause sb to learn and remember ideas, moral principles, etc., especially by repeating them often• 反复灌输;谆谆教诲

1=law, act, command, edict, order, proclamation, ruling, statute

6.Mr Xi’s reform plan says football can help boost patriotism and a “collective spirit”—attributes Mr Xi is keen toinculcatein a societyfractured by rapid economic change.

Ⅷ.Mr Xi sees the game as a useful tool of diplomacy (his overseas visits often involve football-related events). But China’s league is still a long way from exerting the kind of soft power that the English Premier Leaguebestows21upon Britain (ask any taxi driver in China). Mr Xi has said he dreams of China winning the World Cup. England itself has no blueprint for that.

• (在驾驶执照上)记录违章事项:


»The business quickly repaid the initial outlay on advertising.


N 法令,政令;裁定,裁决↓



5.Oddly for someone with so much else to worry about, from reviving a slowing economy to fighting corruption, he has set much store by football.

• (在支票背面)签名,背书

to inculcate a sense of responsibility in sb

Ⅱ.Jiangsu Suning, a club owned by aneponymous5retail chain, broke a record on January 27th when it paid £25m ($35m) for Ramires, a Brazilianmidfielder6(known only by his forename) who had been playing for Chelsea, an English team. That was the most an Asian club had spent on a footballer. Seven days later Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao took Jackson Martínez from Atlético Madrid, a big Spanish team, for $45m. Within a couple of days Jiangsu hadsmashed7the record again, paying a Ukrainian team, Shakhtar Donetsk, $53m for Alex Teixeira, another Brazilian midfielder.

11.wide-ranging:• including or dealing with a large number of different subjects or areas• 覆盖面广的;内容广泛的

在讨论某项措施的弊端改进时,可以用he drawback of A can be offset by B

  1. to say in an advertisement that you use and like a particular product so that other people will want to buy it

E.g:The economy is already sputtering, with low or no growth.

Ⅵ.Chinese businesses are keen toplay along17. Four companies have taken over a first-division Chinese football club in the past two years. In October China Media Capital (CMC), a venture-capital firm, agreed to pay $1.3 billion for five years of television rights to the Chinese Super League (CSL), more than 25 times the amount paid by state television for the football season in 2015. (On February 23rd, the firm resold the first two years of rights at a 35% profit.) In December CMC bought a 13% stake in Manchester City, an English club, weeks after CMC’s chairman accompanied Mr Xi on a tour of the club’s facilities. Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, recentlysnapped up18a 20% stake in Atlético Madrid. Dalian Wanda, a firm owned by Mr Wang, is spending millions of dollars on the coaching of 180 Chinese players at world-class facilities in Spain.

16.fracture:to break or crack; to make sth break or crack• (使)断裂,折断,破裂

• 使失色;使相形见绌;使丧失重要性

19.offset:~ sth (against sth)to use one cost, payment or situation in order to cancel or reduce the effect of another• 抵消;弥补;补偿




Ⅰ.CHINESE demand for the world’s commodities may besputtering2, but not for the most vital ingredient of football: its players. In recent weeks, the country’s football clubs have been on their biggest ever spending spree, signing up foreign talent for sums which, by Asian standards, have beenjaw-dropping3. One local newspaper in China said anyone who paid attention to Chinese football would conclude that the clubs had “gone mad4”.

2=sign, countersign

13.Endorse:to say publicly that you support a person, statement or course of action• (公开)赞同,支持,认可=approve多意词↓




The jaw-dropping scale of the project has not defeated those involved.那个专案计划惊人的规模并没有吓倒相关人员



4.[usually passive] (BrE)to write details of a driving offence on sb's[driving licence]()

Ⅶ.As well as signing up expensive foreign players, CSL clubs have been recruiting former managers of the English and Brazilian national teams. Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao employs dozens of coaches from Real Madrid to train the 3,000-odd youngsters enrolled at its academy.The drawback of working for a little-known team can beoffset19by a big pay-packet(Ezequiel Lavezzi, an Argentine forward from Paris St-Germain, a French team, recently joined a provincial squad in China for a reported salary of more than $300,000 a week). The CSL appears likely soon toeclipse20Major League Soccer in America as a destination of choice for footballers who are more after money than prestige.

20.Eclipse:V.to make sb / sth seem dull or unimportant by comparison


  1. to say publicly that you support a person, statement or course of action

2.the most vital ingredient of football: its players可以用于表达某事的核心竞争力,重要组成部分


17.play along:to pretend to agree with someone or something, especially in order to get what you want or avoid an argument(暂且对…)附和;(暂时与…)合作

N:日蚀,月蚀               -->     V 遮住...的光



9.league:/ liːg /(体育运动队的)联合会,联赛/联盟;同盟