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  On the background of international economic integration and educational internationalization,language learning has been turned into a public act ,in which the ability of speaking has emerged as the first priority。

  So how do we develop our ability of reading? To begin with, the whole society should encourage teenagers to reading more books of great value to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge。 What’s more, we teenagers should cultivate the habit of long-term and regular reading。 Only in this way can we be an effective reader。




  Firstly, reading has become an indispensable part of our lives。 We gain new knowledge, directly or indirectly through reading, which will exert profound influence on the way we live, work, play and learn。 Secondly, reading can enable many youngsters to get a clear perspective of their career plans and life plans。 Knowing exactly what they want to achieve in the future can be beneficial to them to a large extent。

  新东方在线的老师们反复强调传统类考题的重要性,今年卷一题目是the importance of writing and how to improve writing skills,考查形式属于“现象类”,考查内容属于“大学生学习工作生活”,考查形式和内容均类似于2010年6月四级考题“Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling”,具体解析如下:





  As an undergraduate, my proposal related to the means to promote the speaking ability is based on the following aspects。 Speaking ability, as far as I am concerned, acquires unceasing exercises of both listening and speaking。 As a consequence, we ought to make good use of the materials around us, such as the Internet, which will either improve our study efficiency or arouse our interest in speaking。 The application, Ted, is a perfect example。 It provides us with a great number of speeches delivered by diverse famous people from all kind of fields。 Through constantly listening to these speeches and reading loudly and clearly, our speaking ability must be improved continuously。

  While the ability cannot be cultivated overnight,it is high time that we should be aware of the significance of it and take effective measures to better the situation。 If schooling and parenting lay more emphasis on speaking, the desired goal can be achieved in the shorter run。

  Directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the importance of reading/speaking/writing ability and how to develop it。



  There may be a combination of factors that can be summarized to explain this phenomenon。 On the one hand, students with the equipment of speaking possess more chances to come out on top among all the candidates hunting for a job。 On the other hand, what we should realize is that oral language serves as an activator to promote further cultural international trade and cultural exchange。 Thus, undoubtedly, it has a positive effect in accelerating and facilitating the cooperation and communication。

  Whether in history or in the present-day society, reading has always been a hot topic among we human beings。 No one could deny the fact that reading is of great importance to the comprehensive development of children and teenagers。

  To sum up, it is high time effective measures be taken to further improve this beneficial situation。 To start with, we each student should pay enough attention to every aspects of English learning, especially writing。 Apart from that, relevant courses or lectures are also supposed to be launched in colleges to highlight the significance of writing。 Only in this way can a bright and promising future beneficial to all be expected in the long run!




  (卷二和卷三分别考查reading和speaking的Importance和improve 的方式,作文展开维度类似)

  In modern society, it has been a trend that diverse English examinations put tremendous emphasis on the ability of reading。 When facing the subject that, as undergraduates, how we could improve our reading ability constantly, different people hold different opinions。

  近年来四级写作题型考查偏向于多元化发展,应用文和议论文交叉出题现象比较明显。但从2017年12月份开始,传统议论文重新占据了主导地位。四级写作“换汤不换药”的特点决定了观点对比类,现象分析类,问题解决类作文的写作模式和写作结构一直以来是四级写作课程上的重点。此次写作题目整体难度不大,属于现象分析和问题解决类综合出题模式,第一段主要引出现象,第二段分析原因,第三段给出建议措施即可。具体内容上,考生可以从个人微观发展需求和社会宏观发展需求上展开分析speaking的重要性,其他两套卷子难度一致,分别讨论reading 和 writing的重要性,大家举一反三即可。


  1。 注意前期基本功的夯实,包括基础词汇和基础语法。深知词汇是英语学习的基础构成单位,词汇的记忆贵在坚持,贵在重复;而语法是对于逻辑思维的培养和考查,语法的掌握贵在学以致用,贵在举一反三。




  There exist numerous necessities for this phenomenon spreading in colleges nowadays。 On the one hand, as for students, it is an important and indispensable quality for them to be competitive in the future job market, as writing is a process of output that needs a long time of accumulation。 Thus, to be excelled in writing is equal to painstaking efforts for English learning in universities。 On the other hand, enterprises and corporations nowadays are in the position of enrolling those who are equipped with excellent mastery of English writing, in that cross-national cooperation and collaboration does need formal written documentaries or contracts, which can be fully demonstrated in the format of writing。

  To sum up, on the basis of the cause mentioned above, the significance of speaking can never be overemphasized。 Thus, my sincere hope is that all the college students could continue to improve their abilities in every respect。 Only in this way can we get more achievements and reach our ultimate goals。


  In modern society, it has been a phenomenon that there are more and more opportunities to use English, not only in different exams but also in our daily life。 Among the abilities of using English, speaking ability must be a practical one that every educated person should possess。 And the fluency in English expression must be a result of a set of really tough work。

  2。 注意后期单项技巧的掌握,包括写作,听力,阅读和翻译。 并加强课后练习,不断巩固,强化概念。这些技巧能够帮助考生在第一时间迅速切中要害,如同打游戏开的外挂,但也应该懂得技巧属于锦上添花,而不是雪中送炭。



  All in all, on the basis of the causes mentioned above, the significance of reading can never be overemphasized。 Consequently, my sincere hope is that all the college students could continue to improve our abilities in every respect。 Only in this way can we get more achievements and reach our ultimate goals。


  As an undergraduate, my proposals related to the means to promote the reading ability are based on the following aspects。 To begin with, reading ability, a basic grounding of English learning ability, would be well improved by unceasingly reading various articles, such as fictions, magazines and newspapers。 Additionally, as we all know, writing reading notes is a wise method, which would contribute to cultivating a positive reading habit。 Along with the analyses of different kinds of articles, not only can we accumulate a great deal of knowledge, but also we are able to enhance our reading ability。 Last but not least, we ought to make good use of the electronic products, such as iPad and Kindle, which will either improve our study efficiency or arouse our interest in reading。

  Against the backdrop of economic globalization, never before has English learning aroused so much concern among the public, among which the learning of writing is always on the top of both students’ and teachers’ agenda。